Wednesday 25th February 2015

Today starts with a visit to the Titan Missile Museum.

Titan Missile

One of our second year courses was entitled Stars and the Bomb and it covered the links between the study of the Sun (and other stars) and the development of the atomic bombs.  We looked at the science, and the impact of the development and use of The Bomb.  The Titan Missile Museum has a mission to bring the Cold War to life.  As well as actually seeing some of the equipment, it will be interesting to hear about the Cold War from an American perspective.

The afternoon will be very different, back to observing, with a visit to the Mt Hopkins Whipple Observatory.

The Observatory (named after Dr Fred L Whipple) houses a 6.5 meter multiple mirror telescope.  It is operated by a joint venture between the University of Arizona and the Smithsonian Institute.  It is used for solar system, galactic and extra-galactic astronomy.  As its name suggests it sits on Mount Hopkins!  It is 2,616m above sea level which means it is above the lower atmosphere and this improved seeing.  (It will be in a different league to observing in sub-urban Wales!)  Given the altitude, and the fact it is February, it will be necessary to wrap up warm.

Here’s a short video introduction to the MMT Observatory.


And here is a link to a guide produced by one of last year’s students Daniel Cerelli.


Here’s a link to my blog for the day to see how the plan turned into reality…..