Tuesday 24th February 2015

Today is the day I’m looking forward to most I think, given my interest in solar observing….

Kitt Peak National Observatory and the National Solar Observatory

Kitt Peak McMath-Pierce Solar Telescope


To call it an Observatory understates the scale of the facility.  According to its website ‘it supports the most diverse collection of astronomical observatories on Earth for nighttime optical and infrared astronomy and daytime study of the Sun.’

There are 25 night-time scopes and two radio telescopes.  The solar facility includes the McMath-Pierce Solar Telescope (pictured above) which has a diameter of 1.6 metres.  In addition, there is the SOLIS Tower where measurements of the solar atmosphere and magnetic field are taken daily.  The instruments have wonderful names… Vector Spectromagnetograph, the Integrated Solar Spectrograph and the Full-disk Patrol.

There is going to be so much to see that the whole day is set aside for this.  Additionally, there may be a chance to be at a telescope when some night-time observations being made too.

Here is a chance to take a Virtual Tour  .

And you can even see a live view here.

Here’s a link to my blog for the day to see how the plan turned into reality…..