Saturday 21st February 2015

Today is the ‘day after the day before’, so some time will be spent recovering from the journey from the UK (and jetlag).

The visit Tucson website says:

‘Tucson inspires a sense of freedom among all who visit.  Freedom of thought and expression.  Freedom to discover and explore.  And freedom to be yourself.

Tucson is calling you, the free thinker and the free at heart, to explore without boundaries. Our natural landscape draws visitors outdoors where there is plenty of room to roam. A bit off the beaten path, Tucson’s unique attractions and accommodations beckon you to discover and explore and our arts and culture scene make Tucson a place that’s authentic and comfortable. Savor the unapologetic passion for food that inspires Tucson’s cuisine, or come as you are and experience our vibrant nightlife. An oasis from the unoriginal and pretentious, Tucson is a place that you want to be. Let Tucson inspire the free spirit in you.

So a ‘Free Day’ seems appropriate!

I expect the day will be spent exploring Tucson and familiarising ourselves with the University of Arizona campus.

There is a possibility of a visit to the Flandrau Science Centre and Planetarium in the evening. It looks like a place where you could spend a whole week and not get bored!  As well as the Planetarium they have volunteers who run stargazing evenings with a 16 inch scope.  See below for some great stargazing information.

Here’s a link to my blog for the day to see how the plan turned into reality…..