Friday 20th February 2015

Today we’ll arrive in Tucson.  Students and staff will fly into Tucson from the UK, arriving late evening.  My husband Mike and I will have been in the US for the previous week exploring northern Arizona (Grand Canyon etc) so will be travelling south to meet up with the rest of the students and staff.  We hope to visit Starizona on the way down (I may need to leave my credit card at home!) and possibly attend their Friday evening viewing session.

We’ll be checking in to the University Inn which looks to be friendly, comfortable and well positioned.  It also has free breakfasts and free wifi (both essential to students!) and a mini fridge which will keep the milk for my tea fresh (essential for me!).   The reports from previous years’ trips are very positive – and the Trip Adviser reviews also suggest it is a good option given our criteria.  Here are some pictures from their website (click on a picture to open the slideshow).


Here’s a link to my blog for the day to see how the plan turned into reality…..

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