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Although the Eclipse has come and gone there is still plenty of opportunity to use the Sun for science experiments.  Many of these activities don’t need a live eclipse (we prepared for cloud too!), and for the specific eclipse ones it is possible to use archive footage of the eclipse. This is cool: short timelapse or a full 3 hours worth  (at least on youtube you can fast forward!)

So if you fancy learning more about the Sun and the Sun/Earth/Moon connection take a look.

Solar Detective Handbook

Here is the booklet which the children were given at the Madley Event

Detective final - jpeg  Detective final – pdf2 

At the event we ran this exercise

Graphing Activity

Here are the resulting graphDoing science 1s.  (If you’d like higher resolution please get in touch.) doing science 2


Some Solar Facts

Solar Facts pictureHere are two posters which give some facts about the Sun and about why eclipses occur (they provide the answers to the Quiz in the booklet).

Solar Facts 


Eclipse Eclipse poster picture








Exercises and experiments

Here is a fun matching exercise Different Lights - no black backgroundlooking at the sun in different wavelengths Different Lights  (The answers are here Matching answer sheets.)






The following two experiments can be done any time.

Distance and Size for Eclipse

Activity to verify that the Earth rotates in about 24 hours


Here are some links to good External Resources. 

Edible eclipse activities from the British Science Association

Be an Eclipse Data Collector with the BBC’s Stargazing Live

I helped to run the Into Space Event at Madley Environmental Centre in Herefordshire.  Further details here.

Here’s a graphic showing how the eclipse unfolded: the small black bar shows totality, and the shadow areas had a partial eclipse.

Animation showing passage of shadow