My main imaging rig consists of a William Optics 123FLT refractor, paired with a Borg 77 refractor.  Usually I take images with an Atik460c colour camera in the WO scope and use a mono Atik460 for guiding in the Borg.  However, when the Moon is out I use the 460 mono with Ha or Oiii filters to take narrowband images.  If I want a wider field of view I use the Borg and guide with the WO scope.

mesu-c11-wo123 - 1

I use a Mesu mount, which is really heavy duty and copes with both the scopes described above and a Celestron C11 which I use for visual and planetary and lunar imaging.


The UK, and Wales in particular, is renowned for having poor weather for astronomy.  I am fortunate to have a roll-off roof shed (Ty Seren) which means that I don’t have to set up and dismantle my scopes each time I use them, and can quickly roll the roof back on if the weather deteriorates.  I manage to get much more scope time as a result.

Roll off roof