Arizona Trip Overview

We arrived home last week from what was an amazing trip to Arizona.  The reason for going was my Astronomy Course Field Trip, but Mike and I decided to add an extra week on before the field trip.  We  looked at what else we could do (apart from the obvious Grand Canyon) and were amazed to see the variety of things Arizona had to offer.  The reality was even better than shown in the guide books!

If you’d like to hear and see what we got up to in week 1 start here.

Here’s a taster

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Team photo

Team photo

The second week was the official Field Trip with my BSc Observational Astronomy Communicating Science course mates (Billy, Charlotte, Chloe, Mark, Maria, Paul, Rosie, Simon, Spela and Tamara) and my lecturers Paul and Sarah.

It was an amazing week, which both Mike and I enjoyed immensely.  It was informative, stimulating and a huge amount of fun!

If you’d like to see and hear about what we got up to in week 2 start here.  (Warning lots of pictures of very big telescopes!!)

Here’s a taster….

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