Snow/no snow? Home/no home?

It was pack up and go home time (Saturday 28th February 2015)… or maybe not for some!

For us, Sarah, Paul, Chloe and Tamara this was to be the day we flew home.  For the remainder of our party this was the day their independent adventures to northern Arizona and Las Vegas started.  We said our farewells – we all agreed it had been an amazing week.

Mike and I headed north to Phoenix, we had plenty of time before our planned 8pm flight.  While en route we picked up some messages that suggested all may not be going to plan for all the others.  Tamara had made it to Dallas, but the weather was awful there (snow and ice) and she wasn’t sure she would get home from there (thankfully she did eventually).  Paul, Sarah and Chloe’s flights were cancelled though, so they spent a night in a Tucson hotel, the following day in San Francisco (that looked really tough – not!) before getting home 26 hours late.  We found that we did have a flight (the important difference we were flying direct so didn’t have any contact with the badly hit areas of the US).  They were however offering significant amounts of money for passengers prepared to fly a day later…. if only Mike hadn’t needed to be back in London for Monday….

The snow hit those heading north too – they got snowed in in Flagstaff for 3 days and so didn’t get to do the Grand Canyon (a real shame given how far they had travelled).  They did make Vegas though….I’m looking forward to hearing reports when we get back to Uni next week!

It was a shame that the end didn’t go to plan given how brilliant the week was, but I’m sure that will fade quickly and the positive memories of amazing experiences will certainly last much longer.


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