Cactii and a queue with a view


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Saturday (14th) started early – a clear indication that my body clock was confused!


A big cactus at the hotel

The weather was gloriously sunny and warm, and judging by the vegetation this was not unusual.



We decided to pass on the hotel breakfast’s special ‘Biscuits and Gravy’!  We later learnt this was actually scones with a cream/sausage sauce – who thought we spoke the same language?

Mike with guide

Mike with his Easy Guide to Night Sky


The itinerary was Phoenix to Flagstaff via Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona.  First stop though was Barnes and Noble to buy a road atlas!  And while there we got some homework reading for Mike (he needs to be an astronomer by next week! )




Mike - red rock country park

Red Rock Park (and Mike)

The interstate was trouble free – the roadside cacti were impressive though.  We turned off to Sedona and stopped in Red Rock Park.

As you can see it was rather spectacular.

Helen and smokey bear

Helen and a local



And we met some interesting characters.

No guns

No guns allowed!



This sign in the window was another reminder that this was not the UK (and I’m thankful we don’t need such signs!)


Queue with a view



We resumed our journey, but only to join what proved to be a queue all the way to Sedona.  But if you have to get stuck in traffic there are worse views…


Sedona itself was rather like Glastonbury – taken over by ‘New Age’.  We did however have a nice lunch with a spectacular view and a walk in the sunshine.

The journey from there to Flagstaff was very pleasant, as the scenery was lovely.

We were made very welcome by Dennis and Cara Lyn (and the dog), and then had a very enjoyable evening chatting over a meal.  The legendary US portion sizes were in evidence again and we left with 3 boxes (guess who finished his?)



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