A Horseshoe Bend and a Tin Roof

Thursday (19th February) entailed travelling from Page, via Horseshoe Bend to Phoenix.  Eating was interesting today…

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Today started with a leisurely breakfast (again!) which included do-it-yourself automatic pancakes, so I was happy!

Our original intention was to visit Marble Canyon, but a major landslide had taken out the main road and 2 years on work was still going on.  The alternative route round trip would be 120 miles.  Given the amount of driving we (well Mike primarily) had done and the distance we needed to travel to get to Tucson on Friday we decided to leave that for a future trip.  Instead we headed for the Horseshoe Bend that we had seen on the town board the night before.  It turned out to be lovely.

We arrived mid morning when there weren’t many people around.  The weather was bright but crisp – perfect walking weather.  The round trip was under 2 miles over desert with some up and downs.  Although there was a path and a board at the start this wasn’t fenced off at the edge at all!  Mum would have had nightmares!!  It was lovely though just to gently wander, and sit, and look, in the still and the quiet.

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We then filled up with petrol  ~£25 for a full tank!!! and set off south.  We’d decided to head all the way to Phoenix to make getting to Tucson on Friday easy.

Lunch was in a Trading Station just outside Flagstaff.  When the guidebook said it had a tin roof I assumed it was akin to the roofs that we see on barns/sheds at home.  I couldn’t have been more wrong!  Look at this 20150219_135009- it was a tin ceiling not a tin roof!  Really lovely.

The whole atmosphere of the place was good, the staff were friendly, and the food interesting and tasty……and large!  (I left with a box!)  But the most important bit – they did tea :-)


The journey to Phoenix was trouble free except for some rush hour traffic.  The hotel was comfortable.  Mike worked his magic on trip adviser and found a BBQ place with a national reputation less than a mile from the hotel.  So we decided to walk.  This proved to be an interesting decision! and something the locals clearly didn’t understand.  To be fair, with hindsight, maybe the roads were rather too busy…… so we got a taxi back!  It was worth it though, as the food was wonderful, with fall-off-the-bone ribs.  And the bag of freshly made donuts we were given on leaving proved a lovely breakfast next day :-)



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