About Me

Who am I……

Helen and MikeMy name is Helen and I live with my husband Mike in the South Wales valleys.

 ….and how did I get interested in Astronomy?

I’ve been interested in Astronomy since my university days.  It all started with some pictures of Saturn from the voyager mission (like the one below) which were on my Applied Maths Professor’s wall!  And then I discovered the simplicity of the laws of planetary motion, and I was hooked.

Saturn by nasa

Work and life meant that I dipped in and out over many years, but my interest was rekindled after buying a very small scope to take to dark African skies in 2006.  It has been an exciting, challenging, frustrating (and expensive!) time since then.

I now have a variety of scopes and accessories housed in a roll-off roof observatory called Ty Seren (hence the name of the website).

My main activity is taking photographs of the wonders of the heavens, and examples of my photographs can be found in albums on this site.  But sometimes I just love getting out under the stars with a pair of binoculars, or a simple grab-and-go telescope (or sometimes just naked eye) and immersing myself in the sheer beauty of the Universe.  I also get a real buzz out of showing other people the beauty too – whether my friends and family, or the public at ‘outreach’ events.

My Degree Course

Since September 2012 I’ve been studying part-time for a degree in Observational Astronomy at the University of South Wales – and I’m loving it!  I’m now in my ‘first’ third year, and hope to graduate in 2016.  This year is particularly exciting as I get to go on a Field Trip to Arizona….. click here to follow my progress.

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